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Ephemeral City - Support and Contact

Ephemeral City is dreamSTATE's first infinite ambient music app
for iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Every listen to this deep ambient iAlbum
will be a fresh arrangement and a unique experience.

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If your questions or problems are not answered in the FAQ below, or in the Guide,
or if you have discovered a bug - please contact us at help@dreamstate.to
and we'll do everything we can to assist you and to improve Ephemeral City.

Please include the model of your iDevice and the iOS version if you know it.
We cannot respond to comments left in the App Store Review section,
so e-mail is the most effective way to help us help you. Thank you.

We'd also love to hear from you if you love the iAlbum!

Privacy Policy

The Ephemeral City app collects no information about you
and shares no information about you.

Q & A

1) Is Ephemeral City for listening or is it an instrument?

It is both! dreamSTATE call Ephemeral City an iAlbum of their music.
It's an album of music and art that is created to be like a multimedia
sound/art installation in your iPhone/iTouch/iPad with infinitely changing
arrangements and with interactive elements. In version 3, dreamSTATE
added the abilty to open Ephemeral City as a Generator/Instrument
in various audio host applications to treat it as an evolving drone
oscillator to be processed through other apps. More information
is found in the app's internal Guide.

2) I heard a beautiful passage of music last night in Ephemeral.
How do I make it play it again?

You will likely never hear that exact passage of music again.
Every trip through Ephemeral City produces a new arrangement.
You may experience something similar again but not precisely the same.
We're sorry, but that's part of the design and the charm.
You will discover special ephemeral moments which are all your own.

3) What do those sliders do that appear when I touch the screen?

If you touch the i info button at the bottom right, then choose Guide
in the top menu, you will find answers to most of your questions.
While the Control Panel also gives you many clues as to what is going on,
some aspects are purposely left mysterious.

4) Even at the Fast setting on the Visuals slider, the pictures change slowly.
Can I make it go faster?

Scott M2, who created the art, tested the transitions at many speeds
and chose this range to produce the ambient art effect he desired.
Part of that effect is an attempt to slow you down.

5) How long will Ephemeral City play just on batteries?

When dreamSTATE conducted a simple test on 2 ipads,
their iPad3 lasted 5 1/2 hours and the iPad Air2 lasted 7 hours
with screen brightness set to just above a third
and with WiFI on and Bluetooth off.

With the screens turned off - Ephemeral City played
for well over 100 hours straight on both devices.


Support - help@dreamSTATE.to

e-mail - neural@dreamSTATE.to

Direct Link to the dreamSTATE home page


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