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dreamSTATE ~ ambient electronic soundscapes

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dreamSTATE music is available at Bandcamp and on all streaming sites.
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Cover art of "5-Space"

The Drone Cycle
was a monthly series of ambient drone concerts dreamSTATE performed in 2000 with a different special guest each show. In 2024 dreamSTATE are releasing a 12-track album with music selected from each show. A piece will be added each month from the original recordings to celebrate The Drone Cycle's 2nd "Chromatic Anniversary". Each track will have a unique cover embroidered by fiber-artist Lynn Harrigan. You'll find all the details on Bandcamp now.

PLEASE NOTE that each monthly digital track will be free until the entire album is complete in December 2024 and then the price will be $6 effective January 2025.

There will also be a CD release with all 12 tracks available in December 2024.

dreamSTATE really want you to join them on this journey in sound throughout 2024. The original Drone Cycle was a significant period in their musical growth, as they improvised each month with amazing special guests. Come along for the trip...

The Drone Cycle is also being released to Spotify, Apple Music and all the other streaming platforms.

Video for 5-Space from dreamSTATE YouTube channel

Watch the video for 5-Space featuring Mark Thibideau from The Drone Cycle album
on the dreamSTATE YouTube Channel.


Trinity St. Paul's Church

dreamSTATE perform for their 11th annual DRONE DAY on May 25th 2024
in the beautiful Trinity St. Paul's Church, 427 Bloor St. West near Spadina.
For the second half of their set they will be joined by
thier longtime musical friend Eric Hopper (Sylken).

Please note that no food or drink is allowed in the Sanctuary
except for water and reusable bottles are encouraged.

dreamSTATE begin at 2pm and their set will be followed by
an open community drone session from DRONE:KLUB.

Come and immerse yourself in the soundspace in honour of The Drone!
This is a free event.

dreamSTATE - "Summer's Drone" cover image

and Summer's Drone
- two recent and free dreamSTATE tracks are available now at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and all the other streaming platforms.
Have a listen now and like, love and follow!


Photo of Scott M2 from dreamSTATE YouTube channel

Watch the live in-concert recording of Snowdaze on the dreamSTATE YouTube Channel.


Spotify playlist image for ambient . one
a m b i e n t . o n e is a new Spotify playlist of ambient artistry from the 70s through to the 20s, selected by dreamSTATE's Scott M2. It's the first of a series, so please do hit that heart to follow!



dreamSTATE's album, EPHEMERAL DRoNE, is an ambient dronescape journey recorded live on the third National Drone Day, May 28, 2016 and released on Drone Day 2018. It's available now on CD or as a Download at Bandcamp.


dreamSTATE - DRoNE DAY cover

dreamSTATE's album, DRoNE DAY, is an ambient dronescape journey recorded live on the first National Drone Day, May 10, 2014 and released on Drone Day 2017. It's available now on CD, Cassette or Download at Bandcamp.

What else is new:

dreamSTATE's Ephemeral City is an infinite ambient/drone music multimedia app created for iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Every listen to this deep ambient iAlbum will be a fresh experience, with ever-changing arrangements of dreamSTATE soundscapes plus urban ambient art by Scott M2.

The new Ephemeral City - Version 3 can also be used as an infinite drone oscillator inside "audio host" apps like Audiobus and Aum. Experience Ephemeral City now for only $3.99 US via this direct link to the App Store

dreamSTATE's album EPHEMERAL DRoNE is exclusively available through the dreamSTATE Bandcamp site.

dreamSTATE's Stone Shore e.p.
with Heiki Sillaste is also available
at Bandcamp.

Mp3s ~ dreamSTATE's onsite mp3s page
with soundscapes light and dark.
Have a listen

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