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dreamSTATE @ Clinton's - photo by Mario Georgiou

Feedback Monitor 3rd Anniversary Party ~ Feb. 4 1999

Performing at the anniversary party for Greg Clow's excellent electronic and experimental radio program Feedback Monitor was a particular pleasure (in the pre-AMBiENT PiNG days) because we knew the audience would primarily be an open minded group of electronic music aficionados and fellow electronic musicians. Playing only a single hour-long set was a new experience for us though and we found ourselves shifting gears more even often than we had anticipated.

Following us on the bill, Bitter Harvest (Scott Mackay), performed using a unique system with an 8 track tape loop at its heart. He was able to lay down tracks in real-time, synchronized to prerecorded percussion loops, then overdub, process or remix them live on stage - a simple, brilliant concept.

We were disappointed to discover that the PA system at Clinton's was only monophonic but the club made up for it with a dark comfortable atmosphere (with several couches - practically essential for good ambient listening). ~ Scott M2

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