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The H5 Project - photo by Mario Georgiou - Treatment by Jamie Todd

waveforms at The H5 Project ~ June 25, 1997

waveforms, our first ambient soundscape installation, played continuously from December 1996 through July 1997 at The H5 Project, a holographic gallery on Queen Street East in Toronto's 'Beach' area. While visiting the installation Jamie and I enjoyed the sounds of the street merging with the sounds of the piece and savoured the many instances of synchronicity. We therefore decided that a 'live' recording would be an appropriate approach to capturing waveforms for a CD.

On a beautiful hot summer evening in June 97, just after the H5 had locked its doors for the night, recordist Perren Baker set up his amazing Calrec Soundfield microphone in the centre of the room. We adjusted the DAT recorders, tweaked the microphone and then all headed out to a pub down the street for the next couple of hours while the installation played on. BETWEEN REALITIES, the resulting CD, is a rare 'live' album recorded without the band actually being in the room. ~ Scott M2


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1997 ~ waveforms at The H5 Project ~ Symptom Hall

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